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Where Are The Potential Women Leaders Of This Country?

Where Are The Potential Women Leaders Of This Country?

This is a publication written by Saminu Abass popularly known as Mr Possible, the content creator at SABTrends’ Blog ( edited by Adisat Aminat Olabisi also known as Prudence a law student of the prestigious faculty of law, Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). This topic, “Where are the potential women leaders of this country?” is published to tackle the menace and ugly situation facing many potential ladies whom bright futures have been truncated.

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Women are simply adult female. Women as my people will say, they are salt, sugar and honey of this world. Where an association or group exists and no woman is found then such might be said to be incomplete. I adore women a lot because I have mother, sisters and friends as woman. Woman, I define as a delicate part of human existence which must be treated with care. There is also a popular saying that goes thus; behind a successful man there must be a woman which shows how powerful and important these women are. To become a woman, it has transformational stages which start from birth and ends with death. The chain of transformation changes gradually from being a girl child to being a lady and then womanhood. Succinctly put, (Girl -> Lady -> Woman)
However, these stages involve myriad of development, happenings, teachings and other things. If qualitative teachings and lessons of each step are being missed then there is surely going to be problems for such individual as well as the society. The first stage (girl child) is the stage where adequate and vital upbringing must be done by parents such as quality education, moral value, moral lessons and other teachings, this stage is very important and pertinent as any failure may cause a future problem for the child and the society at large.
In addition, the second stage is the transformation from girl to lady. At this stage, the maturity senses and reasonings become their pride. This is a stage in which many ladies feel it is the time to enjoy their own lives. They believe it is the best moment and period of their lives because it is at this age that the beauty, blessings, endowment and other gifts given to them by God can be showcased. Contrary to the assumption of many ladies this stage is the most delicate period or stage of any lady’s life. Whoever misuses this golden period might have a negative life to live later as this is the adolescent period. Thereafter, the stage of womanhood comes which is the aftermath of either a well brought up adolescent stage or otherwise. The question I ask myself everyday is where are the potential women leader of this noble nation?
This question has been bothering my mind day in day out as a living soul on this earth. I contemplate whether or not we still have women leaders in this part of the world (Nigeria)? Are there still charismatic and prominent women to be called leaders?  The depreciation in the standard of women folks make me doubt if today’s women can be potential leaders of tomorrow. Notwithstanding, there is a woman leader I value and cherish not because of anything but for her milestone achievement irrespective of ‘gender favouritism’: She is Dr Mrs Okonjo Iweala, I may not like her but her achievement is something to be proud of as a Nigerian. Dr Okonjo Iweala worked at International Monetary Fund as one of the key personnel in World Bank; although that is not what I really cherish about her. The audacity and boldness she took then to contest to become the No 1 person in that institution but unfortunately she could not emerge as the President of International Monetary Fund. There are many other women in this country and other neighbouring countries which had shown that being a woman can never stop any milestone achievement you wish to attain. We are all proud of these women not because of anything but the achievements they have made.
It is a pity today; things have changed in the reverse order. As stated, if any of the above stages, is not well managed there is bound to be a problem. Many parents today have taken the caring of their female child as less important. The popular words they chant is; “live your life and let me live mine; I can’t die because of any child”. The rate at which ladies of nowadays are being maltreated is alarming. The improper and poorly-built background of these female children will surely have effect on their future most likely negative impact.
Though, there are still some of these ladies who are determined, focused and pursue their dreams, it is very saddened that 70% of them pursue a blank dream. My views will be analysed below.

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Firstly, looking from the educational perspective, many ladies nowadays have slimed chances to further to tertiary education be it (University, Polytechnics, or Colleges of Education). I kept wondering why parents will deliberately deny their female children the opportunity to learn further and boost their bright future. Though, some parents are unable and incapacitated to send their daughters to tertiary institutions as a result of poverty. Aside being poor, there are some parents who are financially average who can send their daughters to tertiary institutions despite the fact that those parents can afford the continuity of the education of their daughters yet they refuse to thereby denying their daughters the opportunity to attend higher institution.

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Perhaps, these parents have no faith in the future, no determination and think the current condition they are is permanent. Female child with this kind of parent suffers series of hardship ranging from maltreatment, lack quality education, psychological abuse, unwanted pregnancy and so on.
Furthermore, some sets of parents are serious and ready to finance their female child education but unfortunately these children lack serious and zeal to excel. Their lives end most time when they are impregnated
Can we really say the world is going to an end? Though, many people say it is one of the signs of the last hours.  It is no more news that many ladies walk around naked and don’t even feel ashamed at all which means that sense of dignity and modesty is no more there. Since uncovering vital parts of their body is no more big deal then getting pregnant is also no big deal. It seems like a joke but it is not a joke at all. It is a pity that today even a 10 years old daughter can be impregnated. Their mode of dressing is nothing to write about to the extent that rape has become the order of the day because men can no longer hold themselves as a result of the free of charge nakedness they see every moment, the temptation has become unbearable although this is no license for them to showcase the beast in them but the question is “who is to be blamed for the rape?”
Another unfortunate habit of these days is that, these young ladies at even primary level have boyfriends. Let’s assume a young lady from the first set of parent discussed above has a boyfriend whose parents are rich then won’t he use little amount as a prey to have sex with her? Another irritating one is that of an adult man at age of 40 or 50 raping young ladies for a 5 to 10 minutes satisfaction. Pitiable enough, I read a headline recently where a pastor of 50+ years said he only slept with a lady of age 13 just once not five times as claimed by the little lady. Can you imagine this? Where is the world going?

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Furthermore, it is even unfortunate reading some headlines on Newspaper or Television that a 75 years old man raped a 10 years old lady, as a result of this, the rate at which rape case is increasing calls for quickly reaction. I always ask myself, are these men not ashamed of themselves? Forceful sex, raping and other immoral acts with young ladies all in the name of enjoying themselves for few minutes thereby ruining the bright future of these ladies. I wish these men can come back to their senses what if their sisters or daughters are being treated that way would they be happy? I am very sure they will not be happy. For this reason, it is hightime they stopped dashing hope of our potential women leaders by impregnating them unlawfully. You might not know this, let me sound the warning heavily on your hearing that, the wrath of Almighty God is upon whoever engages in such act.
No doubt about it, women are the salt and honey of the world but are these young beautiful ladies potential salt and honey of this universe? The answer is left for you my dear sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers reading this article. At the tender age of 20 you have already given birth to 2 children then what plan do you even have for yourself let alone the kids you forcefully and unlawfully called to this world untimely. In those days, before you can even know the word ‘boyfriend’ you must have obtained your O’level certificate let alone having sex with opposite sex but the reverse is the case in this 21st century of ours. Where are we going in this country? I feel ashamed and sorry for these young ladies at that tender age moving around with pregnancy. You feel sorry for the parent of such daughter or the man who impregnated her.

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Furthermore, I believe some measures can be put in place to correct this ugly situation but the problem is that, the society is even happy with these nonsensical attitudes. Many parents will even say,this is the period where anything can happen let these ladies enjoy and live their lives. I agree with them but a daughter with qualitative education, moral teachings and religious background will never be a mother of two children even at secondary class level. It is pathetic! Many parents celebrate children day but don’t really know the real meaning of such celebration. In my article titled “The Nigerian Child, Hope For Tomorrow” You can read it to get more insight.
Your daughter is a special gift from God, a gift given to any parent as a joy. For this pertinent reason, the gift should not be rendered useless, misused, wasted or maltreated. A child should be given basic things to help her becomes something useful rather than become a liability in the society. It saddens my heart seeing many parents these days forgetting the blessed gifts given to them by Almighty God are special gifts, they don’t care about these special gifts anymore, as they go their ways their children also go other ways. Our daughters are precious, gold, diamond, special, unique, future and promising leaders of our society. Many daughters have been denied the opportunity, privilege and right they deserved from their parents, society and government at large. Reliance on government has not yielded anything good so it might just make things worse; therefore, parents as a primary, main or first teacher should take the caring and treatment of their daughters as a bundle.

If necessary and basic things are being given by parents to their daughters then all the stated above ugly scenarios will become minimal. In other words, giving our daughters qualitative training makes them promising leaders of this society. I believe the aforementioned problems can be reduced or overcome if parents can take note of the following things;

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We all know that peer group plays a major role in influencing our children. Peer group is the number one influencer. They are even more important that the family. It is very pertinent for our parents monitor the movement of their daughters, whom are their friends? Are they responsible persons? Are they from good family? All these and other things should be taken into cognizance. Even if you have strong built-up background for your daughter but if she mingles with irresponsible elements then the strong background becomes a weak one because she will be influenced. We have heard and seen it a lot of time a daughter of rich parent moving around with harlot or thugs then what do you except from such daughter, positive or negative influences? Study those friends your daughters move with. Are those friends agents that would destroy the bright plans you have for your daughter? Are those friends agent of help that are compatible to your daughter’s mission and her to make her ambition come into reality?
It is also very pertinent to give your daughter sound and quality education. Spend whatsoever you have in the course of giving your daughter qualitative learning process. Take education as a priority for your daughter. It is a shame; many parents abort the dream of their daughters at tender age by denying them proceeding further into secondary school let alone tertiary institutions. Never deprive your daughter the right or opportunity to equip her with skills and knowledge. However, if you think as a parent that you can’t afford to send your daughter to tertiary institution at least secondary level education should be the minimum background for her and send her to any informal education (apprenticeship) to gain more skills. Education should not be only formal but also informal education is very important. No knowledge or skills acquired is a waste, kindly spend any dime on your daughter to give her the best you can. Note that, an idle hand is a devil’s workshop.
As said earlier that peer group plays major role in influencing our daughters. What peer group changes is the behaviour. A daughter with a good character can be changed if she mingles around with irresponsible friends. A saying goes thus; “bad company pollutes good habit” no matter on how better or beautiful your behaviour or character is, in as much as you fail to mingle with friends whose behaviours or characters are compatible with yours automatically there is a problem.
Behaviour is not only with peer group but also towards other people in the society. Train your daughter on to behave in the society; I believe the genesis of the behaviour of any daughter is from home. Our daughters start the learning process at home, whatever their parents exhibit at home will be part of them too. Many ladies today have taken the act of bleaching as the best way to beautify them all in the name civilization. Who told you black is not beauty? The best colour as far as I am concerned, black is the best colour. Sincerely speaking, many white men even cherish black race though some white nations feel somehow of our beautiful colour. Many young shall ladies think without bleaching you can’t be gorgeous and beautiful. Stop the act now, the repercussion will be worse than you think. God who created you with your dark complexion knows that is the best colour for you.

Societal living teaching is one of the trainings parent must give to our young lady. It is pertinent to teach them how to relate with people in the society, be it from the tribe or another tribe. Let them know we are the same; train them to see other people as their brothers and sisters. Teach them to desist from thinking of harming or disliking people around them. Another pivotal thing to teach your daughter is respect; train your daughter to respect other people in the society. Our ladies of this 21st century have taken pride as the cloth to brag and disrespect people irrespective of the person’s age. Things go wrong today in the society is as a result of lack of respect in the society. Society can be changed starting from your home, train your daughter to respect any person she meets in her journey of life irrespective of such person age, tribe or personality. Respect, the only solution to the global’s problems or challenges.
Religion is the bedrock of success in life. I believe religion is the basis of everything. All the afore-mentioned points above are embedded in any religion because religion teaches you how to live your life successfully. Religion tells you how to live in the society, how to relate with others and the way to behave. Train your daughter the religion you practice right from his/her tender age. Let your daughter knows the basis of your religion and the ‘do and don’t’ of Almighty God. If our daughters are being trained the basis of the religion from home we won’t have been experiencing those ugly scenarios. Majority of these ladies don’t even realize that their deeds will be questioned by God in which they don’t even know there is reward for good deeds and punishment for wrong doing. Many ladies have taken sin as minor as anything, where is the fear of Almighty God? To our parent, train your daughter right from her tender age to refrain sinful acts. Another powerful tool many parents have failed to train these daughters is ‘prayer’. Let your daughter know prayer is powerful. Train them to believe in prayer as the most powerful tool to solve any problem. No doubt, religion is the background of everything.
With the points analysed above I think something good can be done to minimize this menace in the society. As a parent, ask yourself today what legacy do you want to leave behind for your daughter? Will your daughter be happy in future if she remembers the way you maltreated her and denied her the opportunity to be one of the successful leaders of the world? Being poor shouldn’t be an excuse at all, if I am not wrong majority of our leaders who ruled and still ruling this country even the world are from a poor home. Coming from poor home doesn’t stop you from achieving your dream my dear sister. Think twice, change your mindset this is not civilization it is called madness of the highest order. It is hightime you stopped living the way white men are living. God created each race with ways each race will be living so, don’t change what God has given to you.
In conclusion, it is crystal clear the society is facing many challenges. Aside the challenges facing the government we as citizens also compound and contribute to the complex world we are living. Parents are the solid pillar to change the society to better. Home is the primary agent of change. Home is the primary and source of solution of any society. When the home we see as the solution of any problem is now the problem then where to go to seek solution to save the world. I believe if our homes can solve some challenges facing the society the government will even have little thing to face.
I urge you dear parents; you are the only solution to the society’s problem. Give our daughters required, necessary and qualitative teachings to make them relevant and be solution providers rather than problems to be solved in the society. These female children are potential parents of tomorrow, if they are being trained no doubt they will also be good and potential home builders contributing immensely to the development of the society. Ask yourself, where are the potential women leaders of this society if things still remain as it is now? I believe we can have a better society, cultured society and great women leaders from this blessed country if necessary cautions are not thrown into the wind and a halt is put to our lackadaisical attitude about the affairs of these young to grow women leader and future mother.

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Wedding Bands For Her Platinum

Wedding Bands For Her Platinum

Wedding day is all about expectations and the joy of that special day you’ll remember for the rest of your life.  There are hardly any perfect days in ones’ life but wedding days are meant to be exceptional.  They are meant to be memorably perfect.  The wedding band that you slip onto your partner’s finger will be a token of this day’s magnificence.  Wedding bands for her platinum collections make sure that this memory transports you and your partner to the most enchanting day of your life, year after year.
Wedding bands are a choice of a lifetime because you’re going to wear it day in and day out. You’re going to wear your wedding band through different phases of your life.  During business meetings, doctor appointments, social functions, and to your child’s school functions as well.  Hence, you should give a serious thought to your choice of wedding bands.

Wedding Bands for her, Platinum’s durability
There are many choices available for wedding bands for her in the market.  From gold to silver, platinum to palladium, there is an endless variety of designs and textures.  However, Platinum is becoming a favorite choice for wedding bands for an increasing number of couples.  Platinum wedding bands blend seamlessly into the fast pace life and active lifestyle of this era.  Platinum is easy to maintain and does not wear away easily.  If you have an active lifestyle, your wedding band needs to be extra durable.  The metal is hardly displaced and it won’t be wrong to say that platinum is a metal that doesn’t wear away at all.  Its life is much more than gold.
Wedding bands for her, Platinum’s finesse
If you think that choosing platinum as the metal of your choice, you’ll have to compromise on design and finesse; then you need to look at wedding bands collections in Platinum.  Platinum wedding bands are no less in style and grace.  You have a range of designs and textures to choose from.  You may choose the classic wedding bands or get trendy designs like twisted vines or tiara styles in platinum.
Diamonds and Sapphires also go well with Platinum’s silvery glamour.   From diamond eternity rings to classic floating diamond rings, the choices in platinum wedding bands for her are endless.  You may even opt for alternate diamond and sapphire embellished platinum band designs to mark your special day.  With so many choices at hand, you can never go wrong with platinum.

Two toned Wedding Bands
You might like Platinum’s natural silver sheen but your partner insists on the classic golden yellow look of gold.  There is no need to fret or compromise on something you have set your heart on.  The ingenious artisans and jewelry designers present two toned Platinum wedding bands with gold and platinum bands, polished edges, and intricate textures.  With a gold and platinum ring and pure diamonds, you can shine on your wedding day and cherish the moment for the rest of your life.
Care for Platinum Rings
Wedding bands are prone to scratches and may lose their shimmer and grace overtime.  Platinum scratches easily and may lose its shimmer earlier and easier than gold.  If you don’t maintain your ring very well, platinum develops an antique sheen or patina.  However, this patina is exclusive to platinum and desirable by many.
If you don’t like patina, you’ll need to get professionals to polish your ring.  However, preventing your platinum ring from scratches is almost effortless.  You can prevent your wedding band from developing patina by daily cleaning and polishing by a soft cloth like chamois.  With good upkeep, your platinum wedding band will be your partner for life.

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Precautions Before Get Into Mini-Cab

Precautions Before Get Into Mini-Cab

When you are alone and are traveling and want to hire minicab for Heathrow airport or minicab for Gatwick airport then security is the main precaution that should not be avoided. The traveling with friends and the family is something else because the numbers of the persons are more and you will feel more safe and secure. But when you are alone and you want to move to some new place then take some safety measures and make your trip smooth and secure. The taxi services are available on taxi stands and are also offered by the steadfast companies with the responsible drivers who have the complete knowledge of the routes and make you feel comfortable. The points that you will have to notice before get in to the minicab are mention below.

Trustworthy company
Before booking any taxi service makes sure that it will be from some known company so that it will make the trip remarkable and if you love their services then you are able to hire them again. The trustworthy companies that are delivering the minicab service are having many advantages. The main and the most useful advantage is that you are secured and have the safe ride without any stress. They are answerable for their work and are working hard to gain the trust and the reliability of the users and will not get the risk to build the bad reputation of their company in the market.

Availability of the services
The accessibility and the obtainability of the services really matter for the users who want to travel and visit the new place in the London. The taxis that are available round the clock means shows the convenience day and night will have a good impression, and whenever we feel their need we are able to get them. The companies that are offering their best services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year are good to hire and enjoy their quality services.

Register cab
When the taxi arrives at your location makes sure that the minicabs has the register numbers and have recognized number plate. This is really important because when you especially when you hire the taxi service from the bus stop or from a roadside. The security measures of the taxi are really essential otherwise it may be possible that you will come in trouble. Always take a good care of yours and hire the minicab from the reputable and convenient firm.

The drivers of the taxis are playing a vital role because in most of the cases the drivers are involved so make sure when you hire the taxi the driver is uniformed and have the licensed. And after the complete investigation gets into the cab and start your journey. The best way is to book the taxi from some reliable taxi firm that is offering their exceptional services to the users and make them glad about their work.
The companies that are offering their services are numerous but I tried the minicab services in London from the worldwide chauffeur. They have the dedicated staff that have the complete knowledge of the services and are offering their excellent and mind-blowing services at the reasonable cost. Users are able to move to their destination in a safe and secure manner. They are available 24 hours a day at affordable and cheap charges.

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Moving House in The Best Way

Moving House in The Best Way

Moving all cost you even you planned to move your house belonging to a short distance. People try to relocate by their own trying to save the money.

The House movers are no doubt little costly way to move the things but that is the secured channel for moving the house belongings.

Moving house is not as simpler as most of the people thinks it comes with an excitement of moving to new house and other the other hand stress of packing and moving in a safe way. Moving involves too many step you have to arrange the right house relocation company. As they are moving business for years they know all the drill they have to perform for the safe relocation. Finding the best movers is another difficult task to accomplish for this purpose use the internet to find the best movers in the town. For find the company you can also use directories as well. Once you come to know about the company fits to your requirement visit the office of the company to know more about them. Talk to the manager of the company check the tools they uses for relocation purpose. Below are mentioned some of the benefit.

Experienced Professionals
They are the one who are doing this task for years and therefore the are complete capable of performing the relocation in safest way. They took special care while wrapping and packing your house belongings. They carefully pack all your glass frames, crockery and the other precious things. They pack and move all the things as they are packing their own house.

Easy Transportation
All the professional movers have especial designed van to transport your belongings in the best way they can. Most of the companies separately charges for moving your house belongings. For reducing the relocation cost never move fragile with you this will increase the cost of relocation. Another important thing you need to make sure is that the driver got the necessary licenses for carrying the house belongings.

Save Time
Moving Home means taking a leave for minimum of one week from your workplace and paying attention to the house relocation. In case you hire professional movers you need not to worry about the relocation. All your moving will be managed by the moving company. By this you can continue your work routine without any issues.

The Author Alvin Garfield has experience in relocation business you can read more information about the house movers company tooting.

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All About Neuro-ophthalmology

All About Neuro-ophthalmology

Neuro-ophthalmology is a recognised academic discipline merging the field of ophthalmology and ophthalmology. It deals with the anomalies surrounding the complex visual system and manifesting factors. Neuro-ophthalmologists are required to complete a residency either in ophthalmology or neurology followed by an apprenticeship program in the complementary disciple.

Since diagnostic studies in patients suffering from such diseases, a comprehensive physical assessment and medical history is crucial. Practitioners usually spend countless hours with their patients to further their studies and research on many different symptoms leading to one common problem.

A common anatomy includes visual sensor disorder for instance brain tumour, stroke, papilledema, optic neuropathy and neuritis. The centrifugal or afferent visual system disorder includes diplopia, ptosis, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, nystagmus, anisocoria and ophthalmoplegia. The North American Neuro-Ophthalmological Society (NANOS) is the largest international society of this disciple that organises annual meetings and also publish the Journal of Neuro-Ophthalmology.

In university-based medical centres, neuro-ophthalmologists are usually the faculty at large, often a liaison between the department of ophthalmology and many others. They also observe patients with co-existing diseases from various fields such as oncology, rheumatology, cardiology, endocrinology and so on. If you’re a budding ophthalmologist in Dubai, there’re many different opportunities to explore and advance your career in the relevant field.

The foundation of neuro-ophthalmology is laid on nervous system affecting the vision, eye movement control and pupillary reflexes. Physicians or specialists in the field usually scrutinise patients with complex system diseases and the not so uncommon “zebras”.

Neuro-ophthalmologists are active teachers in their respected academic institutions whereas the field itself won four prestigious Straatsma American Academy of Ophthalmology teaching awards for the practitioners in the disciple.

They’re passionate about their career and highly satisfied with their job. Most even stated that they’ll likely to pursue in the field because it’s fascinating and challenging! Although neuro-ophthalmology is non-procedural, they’re trained in performing eye muscle surgery for the treatment of strabismus, botulinum fillers for hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm and optic nerve window for idiopathic intracranial hypertension in the adults.

The factor that makes this field unique is global integration and interaction viewpoint of the sophisticated and various factors leading to vision impairment.

Future of neuro-ophthalmology
Nowadays, associated doctors in the field spent less time with patients due to economic pressures and rely more on laboratory tests and non-physical procedures. Further complexities that require strenuous hours of research with the patients and varying history are other affecting factors to neuro-ophthalmology.

Meanwhile, the recent system of medical reimbursement appreciated the quantity of service rather than quality which resulted in an inadequate diagnosis of the disease but fortunately this practice for isn’t applicable for ophthalmology in Dubai as the standards are strict when it comes to quality service.

For improved evaluation and management of neurologic and neuro-ophthalmologic symptoms, advanced functional neuroimaging is a cutting-edge method implemented in some of the best eye-care facilities around the world. Progress has already been made in comprehending the retinal ganglion cell regeneration as well as re-establishment of synaptic connection from the optic nerve to the brain.

The above details give an insight on neuro-ophthalmology and factors affecting the field.

8 Things That Can Influence Your Self Improvement

8 Things That Can Influence Your Self Improvement

What Can Influence Your Self Improvement?

What comes in your mind after reading the title 'Self Improvement' ? Yes, the word automatically leads our mind to think about self, to think about our mistakes or the lacks I'm ourselves. And similarly the thought of how to overcome these mistakes and lacks. Which kinds of lacks we find in ourselves? It depends. Different age groups and different people have different lacks. Like students need to improve their studying skills, handwriting etc. , housewives need to improve their cooking, businessmen need to improve their business etc.etc. In short everyone needs to and wants to improve their nature and skills.

What makes us to come to know that we are not perfect or we need to improve ourselves? No one is born perfect, but born to be perfect. In some points in our lives, at our workplace, we get jealous of others or the insult done by others makes us to think about improvement. When someone's insulting words touch to our subconscious, they pin down our minds to do more hard work to take ourselves on that point where we want to see ourselves. Insulting words are the biggest factors which motivates us to self improvement.

What is Self Improvement?
A short definition I want to tell you here, according to me, " Self Improvement is a process, in which we take ourselves from zero to the point where we want to see ourselves with some good habits. "

So, here I am going to tell you eight (8) powerful ways to improve yourself:-

Practice:  Practice makes a man perfect. Practice is the base of everything best. If you want to take our work on the highest level so you need regular practice.

Reading Books:  Reading is a very good habit. Reading books of motivational writers. This kinds of book will not let your confidence decrease. You can read story books too. This helps you in enhance your vocabulary and improve your speaking skills. Books can be your best friends too, they will never let you feel alone.

Be A Listener: Nobody knows everything, but everybody knows something. So listen every person who meets you in life. Listen carefully, may be you get something very important. A good listener can also be a good speaker.

Surround yourself with positive people: Live with people who have positive thinking. They will motivate you and will never let you go negative.But don't avoid negativity:Don't totally avoid negative thoughts and negative people. Let negative people do their work, like they will insult you. But negativity helps us to change ourselves.

Start analyzing: Meet new people everyday. Talk to them, know them, absorb them and adapt good habits and skills from them.

Create an inspirational atmosphere: The place where you stay, make that place totally inspirational to you. An ideal room- like you can put good books there, write motivational thoughts on wall or you can write your ultimate goal. Your environment sets your mood. So always stay in an inspired environment.

Meditation: Meditation makes your mind calm. It also increase your concentration power. Which helps you to work continuously and it will automatically improve your skills.
Pick up good habits and throw out bad: If you have bad habits like waking up late, biting nails etc. So throw them out and pick up good habits like waking up early, exercise, meditation etc.
Set a daily goal: Set a goal for your everyday's life. Make a list for everyday's important work and set it as a goal. It will improve your working spread and also manage free time for self.

Commit with yourself: The biggest commitment is the commitment done by self. Stay happy in every condition. Deal with opposite conditions. Keep a huge smile on your face in every situation and meet everyone with smile and positivity.                                                                                                      
 So good luck, keep learning and keep improving yourself, because no-one born perfect, but everyone born to be perfect.

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Sketching is my hobby…
Friends are my life…
I’m my own role  model…




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The Power of Change To Make Your Fortune

The Power of Change To Make Your Fortune

Change is imminent! Fortune and Success comes only with your determination to change. You can succeed in any endeavour with determination, commitment, perseverance, endurance or taking risks but sometimes things might not come the way you expected. If you think things are not going as you wish then it is time to change the way. Changing the way to where you can enjoy or understand better than what you are doing currently. Many think staying or doing it over and over can solve it but if trials over trials fail then the only joker you have to turn your life to a fortune is Change

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I read a story yesterday of a lady who have always struggled with people's decisions for her, in her lengthy heart touching post, she narrated how she has been pushed/rushed into doing many things she never really planned for herself, or things that were in a later plan on her schedule; tired of living another man's life, she took the bold step for once, called their bluff, and followed her heart. Even though she hasn't achieved all she set out to get, she could see the signs of better things to come, she concluded. Her story is not very far from mine, many a times, I have set out plans of what's next after each stage of my life, only to conclude that, and sail in a different area of life, completely ignoring the former for a better offer. I changed the dream! She stopped living an imposed dream! The similarity? We realized we needed a change! The only powerful tool to make us our fortune or success is change.

Life should not in any way be rushed, the main thing is to have a vision and plan towards the vision, there are many ways to skin a cat! Only the big goal, the vision, is meant to be constant, the process to achieving it could change at any time. I learnt of a guy who was admitted to study medicine in the university, but after his first exam, he failed woefully and was almost shown the way out of school; upon the timely intervention of a well respected family member, he switched courses to the language arts, not only did he graduate having a first class, he was retained as a lecturer in the institution! What more could he has wished for if he were a medical doctor that he doesn't have today? Life indeed is a lesson, only you must heed the lesson fast, be honest and realistic with yourself. It's your life, you're the architect! If you ain't comfortable with the design, pull it down and start all over again!

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Are you facing challenges in your current endeavour over a long period of time, and you have done all your best, still no positive result? Why waste time? Why not change the direction? Why not try something else? Why not search for a new job or toll a new career line that's in resonance with your passion? 

Don't stick to what's not working after doing all possible to make it work, thread a new lane. Dreams do change, but keep the vision constant! I believe your change today can lead you to your fortune and glory land.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

5 Perfect Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

5 Perfect Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Playing games with your boyfriend or girlfriend is as important as anything in relationship. 

5 Perfect Games To Play With Your Boyfriend. 

Hello to the readers are you looking for some cools stuff to make your relationship stronger? If yes then this post is for you. This is the best way in all the world to come closer to each other. If you want to enjoy your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend and want to share all your feelings then these are the reliable way to convey your message.

I’m sure that after reading these articles you will eliminate drawbacks in your relationship. These games are the best way to sort all kind of issues. These games are creative as well as unique you will surely enjoy playing with your partner.
Choose the game that suits to the mood of your partner. You can also choose them according to your choice give a try to these games.

5 Perfect Games To Play With Your  Boyfriend

Question to ask him or her
Cute Question to ask him or her. In this game you have to choose 10-20 question and list down on a simple paper once it’s done start writing the answer to these question then ask the question to your lover and match his or her answer. These type of question will let you know how much you trust each other.
Child hood stories
Tell him your most epic tales of childhood. Tell him how many times you got punished by your mom. Make her laugh with the notorious childhood memories. It will bring smile on her face. Try to make her comfortable with the stories make sure she is not getting bored. Tell her all the funny stupid things you did when you were a kid.
My chocolate bar
Tell her that your are my favorite chocolate bar. She will get really amazed to listen this will ask the reason why then tell her that you always make me feel please. She’ll love your sense of humor.
Childhood Pictures
Both of the partners need 10 pictures from their childhood. It is a perfect way to know one another, in this game you have to tell the story about each picture the other guy need to listen it and store in the memory. Once both of the partners tell the story the other person needs to tell all the things about the pictures they get the point for telling the right story about the pictures. If they he fails no point will be given.
Silly Pictures
This is one of the silly but most funny game to be played over the text. Nowadays almost everyone is using internet. This game is played using internet one player needs to find some funny pictures from the internet and send it to your partner. Keep on sending funny pictures for hours. You could select a specific category to make for fun.
These are some of the best games to play with boyfriend to start the game, one friend sends in a phrase and the other players respond with phrases of their own until you get a fairly long and silly story. These games are more help than playing online games it will bring the people more close.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Three Reasons to Rent an Ipad

Three Reasons to Rent an Ipad

Renting an ipad for business meeting and conferences is an emerging trend. Business owners and event organizing companies usually prefer to rent ipads and tablets rather than buying them. Here are few reasons which can make you agree to rent ipads for your business meetings. 

Cost Efficient
As you know that ipad is an expensive device and during meetings business owners may need them in bulk quantity. In fact for some mega business events business owners may need hundreds of ipad devices to entertain each of their guest members. So buying these devices in bulk quantity can easily add thousands of dollars in your meeting/event expenses. Event organizers know that investing such a big amount on buying these devices is worthless because they might need it rarely. Like if a company organizes its annual meeting on yearly basis then buying and keeping these devices for a whole year is really unnecessary. So event organizers prefer to rent these devices for the meeting day and then they return it to ipad renting companies after using it in their meeting so it’s really very cost effective to rent ipad devices rather than buying.

Up to Date Devices
In these days technology is changing rapidly. After every few months tablet manufacturing companies like Apple, Dell, HP etc launch new versions of devices which make the old devices out dated. So if you are thinking to buy Ipads for your meetings which hardly occur few times in an year then it’s not a good decision because when the tablet manufacturing company will launch new version of new devices, the old devices will lose its value and you will have to bear a heavy loss when you will resell it. That’s why renting ipads and tablets can save you from this loss and can make sure the availability of up to date devices for your meetings. 

Hassle Free Configuration
In business meetings the ipads are usually connected to each other with specific configurations so that each of the participants can participate in business meeting with more involvement. However configuring these devices and connecting them with each other via Bluetooth and wifi is not an easy task. It can take a lot of efforts and technical skills to configure these devices in right way. It can also cost you extra if you outsource the configuration or hire a team to configure these devices. However if you rent it from an ipad rental company then you can have these devices configured by their technical staff. Some companies provide configuration services free of cost so it can also save you from unnecessary expenses and can cut a big percentage of your event expenses.