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Thursday, December 08, 2016


The Ultimate Guide to Save Money Properly

Wealth accumulation always starts with saving and who doesn’t want to be wealthy? Here are some tips on how you can save money properly in order to build wealth.

1. Pay Off and Avoid Debt

If you have debts, they will always be a burden. This is because the interest accrued on each debt will put pressure on your savings, hence, you will be saving less.

2. Open an Account That Bears Interest

You should make a point of opening a separate account for your savings so that your checking account won’t hold your savings. This is because there’s always a tendency to withdraw savings frequently when they are in the checking account since money is easily accessible. Instead, open an account that offers high yields in terms of interest.

3. Take Advantage of Customer Reward Programs and Loyalty Points

Many retail stores offer loyalty points to their customers. This is an incentive for the customers to keep on shopping at their store. The retail store rewards you for choosing to shop with them, hence, take advantage of these rewards. You can accumulate them and redeem them for cash or other benefits. This will enable you to spend less and thus save more.

4. Always Have a Shopping List

One of the greatest impediments to saving is impulse buying. People usually go shopping and end up making unplanned purchases. The secret to avoiding impulse buying is making a shopping list beforehand. This will enable you to buy only what you’ve written on the list and will also instill some shopping discipline in you. Writing down what you intend to buy will, in turn, help you save money that you would otherwise have spent on items that you don’t really need.

5. Avoid Fast Food

Fast food is one of the items that individuals spend an enormous amount of money on. In fact, it’s not cheap and is quite unhealthy, too. Instead, you can always find some simple replacements that are cheap but healthy.

6. Quit Smoking

Well, it’s said that habit is a second nature. You’d better form a habit of something useful rather than forming a habit that’s destructive and expensive too. Smoking tobacco is highly addictive and cigarettes are not cheap. So, make a resolution to stop smoking altogether for the sake of your health and for financial purposes too. If it proves too hard to stop altogether, then stop gradually or utilize the available anti-smoking aids.

7. Conserve Electricity

It can be expensive to be wasteful at times. When it’s day time, you have no business turning your lights on. When you leave a room or your house, turn the lights off. This will go a long way to saving money spent on electricity bills.

8. Maintain a High Standard of Hygiene

Washing your hands before eating, after visiting bathroom, or before handling raw foods might seem to be child talk but in essence, it will go a long way in helping you save on medical bills.

9. Carpooling

Carpooling is indeed a great way of saving. Instead of you and your neighbor taking both of your cars in order to go to the same place, why not go in the same car? This could help you save a lot, especially on gas, maintenance and also could reduce wear and tear of your cars.

10. Exercise

Make a point of getting regular exercise. Go to the gym. Jog every morning and evening. Go for walks. This will improve your health drastically. Your health is your wealth.

11. Purchase Energy Efficient Utilities

Utility costs often drain your income. Make a point of purchasing appliances that are energy efficient. That will save you lots of money on utility bills.

12. Be On the Lookout for Yard and Boot Sales

Yard sales and boot sales are awesome places to get amazing deals. They have a reputation of selling items at bottom low prices. However, don’t buy what you don’t actually need on the basis of price. Instead, go with a list of things that you would like to purchase in order to eliminate impulse buying.

13. Avoid Credit Cards

If you cannot control your spending habits whenever your credit card is in your pocket, then, by all means, don’t carry it. Set a goal of quitting using credit cards altogether.

14. Try Second Hand Items

You can save a lot of money on items that are second hand. Make it a routine to get used items instead of new items. One of the items you can buy is clothes. They are readily available in pristine conditions.

15. Eat Home Cooked Meals

It’s cheaper to have a home-cooked meal as opposed to eating out. In fact, it’s much easier and much healthier to cook at home.

16. Get a Fuel Efficient Car

If you own a fuel guzzler then it’s time for you sell it and buy a fuel efficient car. This will save you an enormous amount of money on gas in the long run.

17. Find an Affordable Place to Live

One thing that many individuals don’t know is that rent is a recurrent expenditure. If you pay huge amounts in terms of rent, it’s high time that you realize the expense will always be there and, as a matter of fact, it will only rise. If you choose to live in a less expensive house then it will translate into less expenses and more savings.

18. Take Advantage of Free Events

Instead of going to paid events and spending huge amounts of money, why not try out free local events? You can use public utilities that are available in your local area such as parks, hiking places, sport courts and also public beaches. You can have a great time for absolutely no money.

19. Use Public Means of Transport

Why should you drive yourself to work, pay for gas and for parking, while it’s much cheaper to use public transport? The transit system in most cities is developed and affordable. You can save a lot just by using public means of transportation.

20. Avoid Subscribing To Cable TV Channels That You Don’t Really Watch

This is a common problem in many households, where people subscribe and pay for channels they don’t really watch. Isn't that wasteful? If you have subscribed to a cable TV, then review if you have channels that you pay for but don’t actually watch. Unsubscribe from those channels and you will save a whole lot more.

21. Make a Budget

Identify all monthly income that you receive. Afterwards, write down all items of expenditure for the whole month. Compare your income to your expenditure and establish if it matches or if you might need to readjust your expenses. Budgeting helps in identifying items that are not really needed and those that are essential. It also helps you to know your financial position.

22. Save Before You Spend

The action of saving should always come before spending. Don’t spend your income before setting aside some amount of money to the savings account. This will instill a disciplined saving culture.

23. Consider Generic Drugs

Generic drugs are way cheaper than brand drugs. If you have a physician, ask them to always write prescriptions for generic drugs.

24. Make Monthly Credit Card Payments Early

If you have a credit card, you should strive to make your monthly payments early to avoid being charged extra for paying late. You can save a substantial amount of money through this approach.

25. Check for Cheap Airlines

Cheap airlines will offer cheap fares for a trip as compared to major airlines. You can fly economy class instead of flying business class. You can save a good amount of money if you frequently use air transport.


In conclusion, the advice above, when followed diligently, can help you save a lot of money and enable you to start accumulating wealth. The best way to start would be writing down a plan on how you can implement the tips that apply to your situation. All the best!


10 Best Ways to Increase Memorization Abilities

1. Exercise More

During exercise, it’s not just a mere physical approach that comes into play. The brain and mind are also involved. In most cases of people suffering from obesity, you come to find a wide array of diseases resulting from their weight. These diseases not only affect their body but take the toll on brain function leading to serious and detrimental effects. On top of that, lack of regular exercise may lead to the formation of plaques in one’s arteries and cause cessation of proper blood flow and pumping ability of the heart in general. With an accumulation of plaques and their products, there are increased chances of heart attacks resulting from myocardial infarction due to loss of adequate blood supply to the heart’s muscles and myocytes. This, consequently, causes a reduction in the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain, compromising the brain’s functionality. To take preventive measures against this, it is prudent to do small exercises each day including the likes of short walks. This helps to improve your mental state and acuity. Swimming is also highly recommended.

2. Teach Someone Else

When you’re reading any material out loud, it’s been shown that memorization of that particular material is improved. On further extrapolation of this concept, psychologists have proven that when teaching new concepts, there is enhanced fetching of the memory of the taught information. You can borrow a leaf from this book and try teaching some concepts to friends or even study partners and you’ll be surprised at just how effective this method is.

3. Get A Good Night’s Sleep And Take Naps

Most people underestimate the power of having enough sleep. There are more chances of having better memory abilities after forging a consistent pattern of around seven to eight hours of sleep each day. When a person is asleep, their brain sets into action during the resting phase, when memories that have been piled up recently, firmly cement. Additionally, adequate sleep provides the entire spectrum of the nocturnal repetitive cycles that help in proper cognitive brain and body functioning during the time periods when one is awake. After getting to learn something new, it’s essential to take a nap because as the brain recharges, the memories go down to the memory bank with longer expiry dates and the brain extends its periods of being sharp.

4. Write It Down

There’s a popular saying among school kids that says, “If you don’t want it to get lost, write it down.” This is true no matter which level of study you find yourself in. By the simple act of writing down, you increase the chances of remembering something. The explanation behind all this is that with writing, there is an increased flow of oxygenated blood to the areas of the brain that are in charge of memory storage and it gives these parts a knack for remembering whatever it is that was ‘exercised’. Incorporate writing things down, be it in journals, blogs or even emails. These and many more other exercises increase your threshold of remembering and preserving information.

5. Eliminate Stressors And Seek Help For Depression (If You Have It)
Doctors and researchers in the medical field have proved that the things in your life that subject you to stress, negatively affect your memory keeping abilities. They waste away the brain parts responsible for memory storage. One of the major culprits of bringing about this brain damage is depression. It has been confused on many occasions with memory problems due to lack of healthy concentration spans. In many cases, if anything is done without concentration, there’s a high likelihood of not remembering whatever information you were supposed to retain. Depression results in a commensurate increase in cortisol levels in your blood stream and, in turn, in your brain. The rise of cortisol in the brain affects some sensitive areas, e. g. the major part called the hippocampus. This particular part is heavily involved in the storage of short term memories which means prolonged depression is likely to interfere with your abilities to remember new things. With all these in mind, it’s advised that for any form of depression, medical treatment is sought.
It’s been shown in countless researches from reliable sources that some certain genres of music are vital when it comes to the recollection of memories. If one listens to some song when trying to remember something, it can be dug out from the memory later by mentally playing the song. This shows that music could serve as one of the best cues meant for pouring out certain memories from the memory lane.

6. Visual Concepts
For most people to remember, they normally require having a visual image of whatever it is they are studying. It is, therefore, advisable to give special attention to charts, photographs, and pictures in general. If you find yourself in a scenario where you aren’t reading a book but need to remember the information, try making your own mental image. It also helps if you draw your very own pictures and charts while making use of highlighters and colors to piece together all the ideas that relate to each other in your notes.

7. Play Brain Games

It is widely known that with a declined use of the brain, there’s a resultant decline in the brain competence. This is mostly caused by refusing to challenge yourself. Research undertaken into the plasticity of the brain has shown that one of the best ways of cutting short this type of deterioration, is challenging your brain on a daily basis.
One of the most approved ways of challenging your brain is via taking part in brain games. They are widely and readily available online on websites like Brain HQ. Set aside around twenty minutes every day for them. With that being put to order, it’s also wise to note that you shouldn’t indulge in a particular task for more than from five to seven minutes. The biggest downside to playing games is that they increase the workload, especially if you have a busy schedule, but it’s a sacrifice worth making.

8. Master a New Skill
Finding an avenue of engaging in new and meaningful activities helps in boosting your neurological functionality. In addition to this, it counteracts the outcomes of diseases secondary to stress and tones down the risks of acquiring dementia. An important factor that should be incorporated to help with the normal functionality of the brain, is doing a task with a seriousness in purpose. In simple language, the task you are engaging in should be interesting enough to capture your attention for long spans of time. Examples of the tasks we are referring to are knitting and quilting, among others.

9. Try Mnemonic Devices
This refers to a form of memory tools that are designed to enable you to recall concepts, facts and also words. Their main use comes in when organizing information in a format that’s quite easy to remember. The major elements that are put in place when implementing them includes the use of:
Acronyms – forming a word out of the first letters of whatever you want to remember.
Visualizations – forming a visual representation of what you’re required not to forget. An example being visualizing a tooth in order to remember an appointment with the dentist.
Chunking – this is cleaving the information into much smaller bits.
Rhymes – using rhyming words to remember vital information.

10. Chewing Gum

As simple and cheesy as this might sound, chewing gum helps in retrieving of information. Studies have led us to believe that people perform better in memory tasks when chewing gum in comparison to when they are not. Simply, chewing gum helps in improving the concentration of most people and also keeps them more focused. This works mainly for long term purposes, whereas the people who don’t chew have an edge when it comes to short-term memory tests.


Memory is one of the most sought after treasures when it comes to the academic world and it is also important in life in general. From writing down, to visualizing, and even chewing gum, we have looked at some of the simple but effective ways of helping to make a fortress of memory in your minds, and hopefully, improve your remembrance skills.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016


FILSU ELECTION: IWO Students' Electoral Commission and Her Ridiculuos Fees


"Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future."— James Bertrand

The clock is ticking as the election period is approaching again. It has been an excitement when this newly set member of the Electoral was finally inaugurated. Kudos to the Peace committee for the job welldone.

The excitement of this newly inaugurated electoral committee did not last as ridiculuos fees of election forms were brought up by the committee. Every member of the union has seen hope in this committee. Majority of the people has bestowed trust upon the committee but these ridiculuos amount  of sale of election forms is a cause for alarm.

Though, the Chairman of the commission has come to defend these amounts but for me the basis and reasons for the increment were just unacceptable. Let me clearly inform the chairman that actions need to be criticize for the betterment of the union but condemnation I also don't welcome it.  Let me analyse the reasons for this ridiculuos fee as said by the chairman;

 Mr Chairman in his, without the increment in the fee then there might not be a free and fair election. I believe spending millions of naira on an election cannot make such election free and fair. An example of it, elections in Nigeria we have witnessed INEC had spent millions of Naira, has their spending guaranteed free and fair election? I will concur that for a successful election the financial aspect can't be underestimated but determination, hardworking, selfless attitude and patriotism can guarantee a free and fair election not this ridiculuos amount.

Frankly speaking, for a free and fair election necessary and adequate materials should be provided by the committee. The claimed by the committee that no election materials were handed over to them by their predecessor which has been one of the reasons to escalate the price is just a filmsy excuse. Despite the fact the sensitive materials' to be used such as (Cardboard, pens, books, stamps, pins, etc) have inflated but this should not be a justification for the increment.

All other reasons might be significant too but they should not be any basis for this ridiculuos increment in the form fee.

I thereby urge the chairman and other members of the commission to review these fees. Though, the recession has contributed deficitly to the economy in which prices of materials have risen exorbitantly but a cut in price of the offices is highly important and necessary.

However, this increased in form fee might chase away the dream of competent aspirants which are not financially buoyant. I want the commission to know that all fingers are not equal. We should not use this fee to scare away some aspirants who have a vision and good mission for this union. I hope the electoral commission would not shatter the dream of these people.

Furthermore, with this mega-increase in fee it shows the fairness and equality chances that should be given to all FILSUites have been tampered. The basis of a free and fair election is to give equal chances to all FILSUites.

Finally, I will implore the chairman and his member to vermently look into these fees in order not to give room to people who believe money can get them everything. If visionary and competent aspirants are being disqualified with this fee then only those who can buy the form, contest and emerge as representatives will administer the union. I hope the commission will not be an instrument to bestow power upon leaders who have nothing to offer this union.

I believe in this commission to conduct best of its kind in the history of the union but kindly review these fees for the betterment of all the FILSUites and the Union. The history shall be written by you, think of what you will write down in the history book.


Friday, December 02, 2016


FILSU ELECTION: Another Downfall Looms FILSU at the National Level


Days in days out another December is here, the period when the leadership of Federation of Iwo Land Students’ Union at the National Level is elected. It is a period when gathering of Iwo land students from various tertiary institutions (Universities, Monotechnics, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education) throughout Nigeria elect new legislative and executive members to navigate the ship of the union for another session.

It is crystal clear that no success without a roadmap. It is unfortunate that the ship of union is drowning as a result of the last year’s incident. Failure of the union to conduct a free and fair election in the last election on the 28th December, 2015 has put the union in an unstable position. Though, the legislative arm of union was installed to manage and administer the affairs of the union but the absence of the executive members to complement the efforts of the legislative members has been felt. Kudos and commendation to our Noble Father His Royal Majesty, Oluwo of Iwo, King AbdulRasheed Adewale Telu 1 for his support and efforts to make sure election hold last year but the students themselves were adamant and not willing to conduct the election. It is a shame that students who are called intellectuals and future of tomorrow have turned to be social vices to the land.

However, the last year election has been forgotten and new proceeding to conduct election for year 2017 has started. Many complaints, mixed reactions and trade of words have trailed the nominations of the set committee to conduct the 2017 election. Many people have called for the voluntarily resignation of the leadership of the house, impeachment of the house members and even some people called for the suspending of all members of the house for failing to discharge their duties. When the challenges of last election are yet to be overcome, another plan for new election is being staged already. Could anything good come out of this planning? The leadership of the house if I am not mistaken has set the electoral committee for this year not less than two times. With this lack of attitudes, lack of directions and improper proceedings to set up the committee it shows another downfall looms our union again. It is not a surprise to me that the union might fail again because the necessary things to be done have been neglected. I believe the leadership of the house and generality of the Iwo land students should have learnt from the occurrence of the last year but it seems nobody cares to proffer solutions to the problems. In order not to commit a fallacy, there are many intelligent and progressive minds among the students who wish well for the union but the minority who are at the power pole ruling the union cares not about the interest of the generality.


Furthermore, it is even pitiable enough that the union of this beautiful land has been turned to something else. Students whom should have been seen as instrumental tool for development of land and agent of positive change have been metamorphosed to agent of destruction, retrogression and stagnancy. The minority at the power has redefined our union from a pressure group who fights for the interest of masses and against all oppressions to a platform where to parade themselves as something big and seek financial help if possible from dignitaries with no tangible achievements thereby tarnishing the image of the union. Laughable enough, the union has gone beyond to a level where god-fatherism is the order of the day. Many people who are even incompetent to be representatives in their classes let alone the departmental or faculties unionism have been the personalities ruling the union. What achievements are we now expecting from incompetent leaders? I have challenged one of the former presidents of dear union at the National Level with this beautiful question, what have you achieved as the president of union? Just mention one tangible achievement, don’t tell me FILSU SUMMER HOLIDAY CLASSES. It is a shame; nothing could be pointed at as his achievement. This shows many a students are only after the tag of I am the President, I am the Welfare Director, or I am the Clerk of the house without a clear definition or agenda they have for the union. I drown in laughter when I see many of them calling themselves comrades. I wonder if they even know the meaning of the word. This set of immature minds should not be tagged as anything than ‘Come and Raid’ not comrades.

Furthermore, despite my little experience at the National level I have seen many progressive minds, intelligent, smart and brilliant persons but I always feel why these people not managing the affairs of the union? I later realized that they will never showcase themselves for this union because of the atmosphere at union. It is visible to blind and audible to the blind that the union has been a platform for thugs and touts to showcase their talents. All radical expressions have been traded for rascality. In the 2015 election, we said the political forces were instrumental for the abortive election. As it stands, I think political forces are not even the problems at all. The students are the main problems of the union and also they are the solutions if they are ready to proffer it.

In my previous publication I said a question begging for answer is, when will the youth of this land realize they are the future of this great land and when will the youth get liberated from these old people and selfish elders? It is high time we stood up against all oppressors. Nigerian youths are their own enemies. We must come together to fight corrupt leaders and politicians.

I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. FILSU needs to be reformed; we need competent, determined, composed and vibrant youth who are ready to resist pressure of any external forces.

The case is now different, the election has not come yet but the anticipation has shown that an unfriendly mood can be envisaged. Does this union has a future? It is a disgrace that self-interest has become the order of the day. Activism has been substitute for battle grounds, exchanging of blows and broken bottle grounds. You ask yourself are you really among students or some people else, where in a congress of students smoking of cigarettes, Indian helm and drinking alcohol have been the debatable issues. I cry for the future of this land if this still persists. Can we say banning the union will be the solution? I don’t think so but how can this irritating situation be curbed. It is very important we all come together to fight this odorous elements who are painting our union with bad image. We should all see this as a MUST fight for all. Our union should be vibrant, contributing to the community positively and serves as voice of the voiceless.

In addition, the problem I have with the union is the “I don’t care attitude” of the leadership of the union. It is very pertinent to listen to the voice and observation of the masses. Many intellectuals have suggested ways to move the union forward but it seems these elements at the power see their non-progressive self-idea as priority over the call of the masses. I could remember vividly in the article I published last year on the incident of the election many solutions were proffered but who cares among these people who called themselves leaders of the union. I could also remember during the screening process of the 2015 election, great minds who have the interest of the union were present to observe and advised the electoral committee to disqualify whoever seem incompetent to represent the union, funny enough the committee members looked at such recommendations as intimidation and oppression. I later had a chat with one of the electoral committee members his reaction was if they disqualify anybody it can cause problem. Problems? I see no problem in this when he is not qualify and competent to represent the generality of Iwo land students. We could also see today, the problems conceived then has become a compounded problem today.

Sincerely speaking, there are many things to be addressed in this union. Many way-forwards have been suggested but its implementation is seen as a problem to some people I don’t why. The set of leaders we have at union presently seem to report to their god-fathers before taking any action. This show the cabals are the one managing the union’s affairs not the figure-head and toothless dog leaders we have. Since the inception of the new electoral committee, things have been in hot mood and uproar because some people see the members of the committee as loyalist of other parties and some see installation of non-students among the members as obstacle.

To be frank, the 2016 election might become a title of movie “FILSU ELECTION HAS FALLEN AGAIN”. For this reason, cautions and careful approaches are needed at this moment. The shining sunset at our disposal can still be used to dry the wet cloth of the union. I will urge the leadership of the house and the newly installed electoral committee members to put necessary things on ground that will facilitate the coming election. Failure to conduct another election this year might end the interest of the community in the union. My candid pieces of advice for the electoral committee members in order to conduct a successful, free and fair election are the following;

It is very important to see timely dissemination of information to all FILSUites as main tool for their success. Never hide any information that can cause the committee any harmful or trouble in the future. Make use of the Facebook Groups, Whatsapp groups and other platforms to disseminate necessary information to all members.

One of the major reasons FILSU election is not seen as free and fair is the election criteria. Election criteria has the factor to elect new executives must be thoroughly looked into. Enough of election irregularities and manipulation. The electoral commission must device processes to stop non-students and thugs to participate in the election that is meant for bonafide students of our land. The criteria chosen should be communicated to all members on time for any observation, reaction or suggestion from any member or aspirant.

Transparency is a cogent element to achieve success for any committee. Never play smart or hide anything which is necessary to be public. One of the problems is the transparency level of the members of the committee. Some members of the committee are loyalists to aspirants or cabals to manipulate the election processes.

The source of any problem is when an incompetent and non-knowledgeable individual is at the realm of affair. This has been a mistake made for many years. What I witnessed at the last year screening ground is so disgusting. Many aspirants’ answered to questions, reactions, dressings, behaviours and characters were shows of shame. I will urge the committee to honourably disqualify whoever fails to meet all standard requirements set by the committee. Though, the requirements should be flexible enough in order to avoid misunderstanding. I don’t think disqualifying any undeserved aspirant should be a problem in order to avert problems or disaster that such person might bring in the future. When the fear to disqualify an incompetent or unqualified aspirant is present then the future of this union is still at stake.

There is a need for the committee to have a strong internal control system. A weak internal control system might give loopholes for irregularities or malpractices. Laid down guidelines should be followed strictly and without favouritism. Favouritism leads to bending of the rules and laid down guidelines which weakens the control system.

It is very germane to mention this; it is one of the main problems of the union. I only heard of cabals and god-fatherism in Politics of this country not knowing it has also become the order of the day of our union. I will urge the committee members to try as much to avoid the interference of the cabals and the so called god-fathers. Remember your name is at stake likewise your future is at stake.

It is very important to welcome any progressive ideas from the so called stakeholders. Be cautious and thread softly with the stakeholders because they might push you to a wall of shame. Some stakeholders in the union are just like god-fathers in politics; who collect from Paul and Peter to support them. It should be noted that all members of this union are stakeholders because we all have interest to move the union higher.

If all these suggestions have been given consideration to and other observations from intellectual minds are being looked into I believe we can have a fair and free election. We can have a union of the future. A union that would be the solidarity voice to fight for our rights. Thuggery acts and rascality can be reduced in our union. I feel so saddened seeing my brothers and sisters calling themselves students displaying other way round. They call you thug and you gladly answer such name? As a student you should serve as good example to others and you should be seen as intellectual. When many of us are still fighting to solidify this union when will the youth of this land contest to represent this land at the Lower and Upper Chamber of this country? Think twice my brothers and sisters you have a brighter future, don’t ruin the future now with your non-challant attitude at the FILSU National level because of a post that would last for months.

Iwo Land has been retarded position in term of growth and development as a result of non-participation of the youth. If the union is dead, no vibrancy at the union and non-developmental programmes has been anchored by the union; do you think the youth can be welcomed to contribute their quota at the level of IWAC, IDPC and others. Don’t you think you have a golden name to protect for the future? Why causing trouble here and there for this union. Forget the selfish interest; let the interest of the land be first and priority to you. When a land is blessed, peaceful and habitable then all individuals enjoy the atmosphere.

To all the agents of destructions, disturbance and violence it would better you repent today. Think of your future, whatsoever you are doing today is being written in a book may be you don’t know. Sit down today my brothers and sister, review and proof-read all your actions so far. Will your actions be a curse or blessing to you tomorrow? We are all history book. Posterity will either rain curses or blessings on you after reading your history book.


Thursday, December 01, 2016


Interview: Meet Oluwabiyi Ayodele The Brain Behind

SABTrends has been in the search for another great and exclusive interviewee for this for our readers. Eventually, we were lucky to have great entrepreneur with informative and resourceful platform. SABTrends realizes that it will be of great benefits bringing such man here to share his knowledge and great business tips, entrepreneurial knowledge with our readers.

Let me present to you Oluwabiyi Ayodele Samson, a graduate of University of Lagos. He is passionate about entrepreneurship which influenced his decision to build a platform called for all Nigerians and neighbour countries. EarnBase is an Entrepreneurial and Skill Acquisition Blog with exclusive information, training, interviews and news for entrepreneurs. The blog is mainly created to provide all readers in Nigeria and throughout the world for necessary information, training and tools to succeed in business world.

Earnbase is also an empowerment and skill acquisition blog that equips every individual with the right skills to be financially independent.
I know as you are reading this you are eager to enjoy the interview. Well, don’t let me bombard you with many words. Take your time to enjoy our entrepreneur for today.

SABTrends: Can you please tell our readers about yourself and your blog?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I am Oluwabiyi Ayodele Samson, a graduate of University of Lagos. My passion for entrepreneurship gave birth to my blog
I discover my passion for entrepreneurship after graduating from NCE but did not have the courage to pursue my passion early; I did not start until 7 years later. During those times; I learnt everything that was learnable. I learnt bead making, phone repair, web design and development, importation, exportation and finally blogging.

SABTrends: Tell us when did you start blogging professionally?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele:I started blogging professionally last year 2015 and start making money with my blog two months after.

SABTrends: Is blogging your profession or just a hobby?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Well, blogging to me is more of a hobby than a profession.

SABTrends: Please kindly tell us about your blogging journey so far?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Honestly, it’s not being easy because nobody was ready to take me by hand while coming up. You know how it is when you learn almost everything from experience. Though, this made my learning very grounded and pure. Aside from that the BIG boys in the industry are not just friendly. I don’t know why this is so, but that is just the nicked truth.

SABTrends: Did you really have any expectations (short term, long term, financially) when you started blogging? If yes, what were those expectations?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: No! I just started blogging because I felt some things should be totally FREE and people are charging so high to teach people.

SABTrends: How did you choose the niche(s) that you have chosen to blog in ?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: My Passion guided me! I love anything that as to do with entrepreneurship, period!

SABTrends: Did you receive any professional assistance or did you created your blog yourself?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I created my blog myself; remember, I told you I was a web designer. So, developing a blog was not an issue at all.

SABTrends: Do you have other blogs that you run and if yes, what are they and what they are all about?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Yes! I have another blog on fashion and entertainment. Remember, I am not too good in fashion; so, I left the blog for my fiancé to manage.

SABTrends: Give us the latest statistics of your blog (Visitors, daily page views, earning and other stats that you want to share)?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Honestly, I will love to keep this private. If anyone cares to know; I have a training in which I will take them through my account and blog statistics; including my FREE methods of driving real organic traffic.

SABTrends: How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I don’t play games neither do I watch football. So, I have lots of time left to run my blog.

SABTrends: How much time do you really spend on blogging?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Average of 6 hours daily!

SABTrends: What do you think is the best strategy you use to get more traffics to your blog?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Sincerity in blogging! People will always come back to your blog when you are sincere and open with your posts.

SABTrends: What do you really think is the best social media strategy for getting more traffics to a blog?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: As for me; facebook works best.

SABTrends: How important is Facebook to you in blog promotion efforts and do you think it is important for a blogger to have a Facebook group or page ?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Yes, if you don’t use facebook to promote your blog then you are probably not blogging neither should you rule out facebook page also.

SABTrends: How many social media channels do you think a blogger should have accounts on ?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: As many as possible but I have only four: facebook, twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

SABTrends: Images for blog posts is very essential. Do you normally create your own images or do you get them from the Google or websites and give credit back to the original source ?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I get from Google and sometimes creates my own image; depending on the time and the subject matter.

SABTrends: Bounce rate is one of Google’s algorithm signals that tells them whether people are engaged on a blog. What do you do to keep your bounce rate very low?
Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I update my blog with valuable contents.
SABTrends: It is often hard to get new contents for blogger. How do you find new source of contents for your blog?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: News and social media are good sources of inspiration for me.

SABTrends: What was the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Starting up was not easy! People won’t visit your blog and even those who did won’t leave a comment. Lol

SABTrends: Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourites?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Jide Ogunsaya and Olusegun Fapohunda, I love these guys because they are straight forward and friendly

SABTrends: How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog running?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I just visit some top blogs in Nigeria; it’s that simple.

SABTrends: Have you met any famous or interesting personnel on your blogging journey?
Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Yes

SABTrends: Do you have any specific goals to be achieved for the rest of this year?
Oluwabiyi Ayodele: I want to have some group of entrepreneur who are really making money both online an offline.

SABTrends: Do you normally set goals you want to achieve each year for your blog?
Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Yes

SABTrends: When do you really feel is the right time to monetize a blog ?
Oluwabiyi Ayodele: When my readers unknowingly suggested so!

SABTrends: How do you monetize your blog?
Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Information Marketing, Ecommerce, Training and Adesense

SABTrends: If a blogger were to monetize their blog by providing direct services, kindly suggest some direct services that you would recommend experience and new bloggers reading this interview?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: Information Marketing, Ecommerce and Training

SABTrends: How would you rate your own blog on a scale of 1 to 10 and why would you rate it that way?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: 6 because I am still growing and my readers are always happy with me.

SABTrends: How would you rate SABTrends Blog on a scale of 1 to 10 and why would you rate it that way?

Oluwabiyi Ayodele: 8 because SABTrends Blog is already made and we are happy with SABTrends

Thanks for the opportunity given to this blog to interview you.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Solutions to All Your Sleeplessness Issues

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – Solutions to All Your Sleeplessness Issues

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things to lead a healthy life. When you deprive yourself of a good sleep, you not only affect your physical health, but also the mental health. Disturbed sleep or inability to sleep can be really frustrating.
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Lack of good sleep can seriously cause damages to your health by the growth of tumor, weight increase, frequent hunger, mood swings, low productivity at work place and home, and it can also impair your memory, etc.

There are various health issues that can affect your sound sleep. But, be rest assured that most of these problems have solutions.

Below are sleeping problems and their solutions:

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with painful jaws? You may have been grinding your teeth all night. This issue is medically called Bruxism.

Solution: Quickly set up an appointment with your dentist. A teeth guard may be recommended for you to wear at night. This guard will prevent your teeth from clenching your jaws in the night. You should also stay away from alcohol before going to bed. If you are the type that chews gums, you should stop the habit.

Urinating frequently while sleeping is medically referred to as Nocturia. This is common with old people.

Solution: Try to avoid drinking too much water and other fluids before going to bed. If the problem persists, men should make sure to have their prostate checked. Women may have urinary inconsistency problems, doing kegel exercises can help solve the problem.

Sleep apnea is another condition which refers to uneven and abnormally loud snoring. This could be as a result of soft tissues growing in the throat and blocking air passage at times leading to repeated disruption of breathing.

Solution: You should set up an appointment with an otolaryngologist who may recommend devices like CPAP device and nasal blocks etc.
Restless leg syndrome is another condition which refers to feeling itching, prickly or tingling sensation in your legs while sleeping.

Solution: Diabetes, anemia or vitamin deficiency could be the cause of restless leg syndrome, but you should consult your doctor to find the real cause.

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Other issues that affect your sleep are:

1. Late heavy dinner: Eating a heavy dinner in the night before sleep is one of the causes of sleeplessness or sleep disturbance.

Solution – Endeavor to eat early. Also avoid eating foods that contain too much fat and protein. Stop the intake of caffeine and alcohol intake.

2. Phone/Computer devices: Chatting on social media networks and surfing the web into late nights will surely affect your sleep.

Solution Do away with your smart phones and devices in the bedroom. Also avoid watching TV in the bedroom. Listen to good music and read nice books instead.

3. High/Low Temperature: What is your room temperature like? Is it very hot or too cold? This can affect you sleep.

Solution – If your room is too hot, wear clothes that are breathable and can wick moisture to bed. If it is too cold, wear thick or woolen clothes and use blankets to cover your body.

4. Light: Light is capable of affecting the internal clock and prevents you from getting enough good sleep.

Solution – Keep your room’s lights off, also ensure windows and curtains are closed.

5. Irregular Routine: Getting too much sleep at different times of the day can cause sleeplessness in the night.

Solution – Program yourself to sleep at the same time every day, including weekends. Except if you work nights, just have a regular sleeping time.

6. Bad Mattress: This is one reason that should be giving a lot importance.

Solution –Purchase the best mattress, preferably memory foam mattress, which ensures a good night’s sleep. You can shop for the best mattress on Jumia here: Beddings.

Try to get to the root of your sleeplessness and find the right solutions for it. Cut off the problems as soon as possible. Sleep well for a better health. Stay healthy.

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